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Christmas on my Phone

Because I'm a fan of change, or at least I get bored with the same home screen on my phone for too long, I've updated it to reflect the current holiday season.

All the wallpaper editing was done in Photoshop Elements using clip art and icons I found for free online and then edited as needed. I spent more time on this one than I did on my previous screens, but I think the effort paid off.

Take a look and let me know what you think!
Several of the ornaments have a logo on them. Those are the ones that have a transparent icon linking them to the app. All of the gifts and the snowman also have a transparent icon and open apps. The text is created using the Minimalistic Text app and open clock and weather apps.

I edited all the stockings to have a picture of the app I'd want to use them for. The lights at the top link to various camera apps. I could probably have done something to better label which is which, but I didn't want to clutter it too much. The black speaker thing is a widget for changing between silent, vibrate, and ring modes. Oh, and the fire in the fireplace opens my flashlight app.

If you took a look at my previous screens (linked above), you'll note I wasn't in love with the games screen. This time I decided to create a basic background (just some snow to fit the holiday) and then used Minimalistic Text to link to all of my games. This has the benefit of also being easy to edit should I add more games or want to delete something. 


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