Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Android Home Screen Design

I have an Android phone. It's over 2 years old, but it still works great. If there's a good deal at Christmas, maybe I'll upgrade.

To keep things feeling fresh, I like to play around with the look of the home screens on my phone. From what I understand (I've never used one), that's not something that's possible with the iPhone. So, I thought I would share my latest endeavor.

I used a tutorial and I'll link to it at the end of the post (his screen is pretty cool, possibly cooler than mine).

So this is my main screen:

The cool part is that all you're seeing is my wallpaper (created in photoshop). I've used transparent icons such that when you click on the objects, it opens different apps. For example, if you tap the phone, it will open the phone app so you can make a call. Click on the monitor to browse the web, the envelope for voicemail, and the calculator for ... a calculator. No more boring icons.

Screen 2:

I have a number of different camera apps, hence the various cameras. The globe opens Google Maps and the flashlight opens the flashlight app (very handy).

Screen 3:

This one is for news, voice recorder, Soundhound, and MapMyRide.

Screen 4:

I did this one a little differently. There aren't really any desk objects for games. I have a lot of games (most of which I've gotten from Amazon's Daily Deal for free). So I took inspiration from the tutorial and created something I felt was pleasing to the eye. It's still not perfect. I'm thinking of getting rid of all or most of the icons and just doing text because I like that better, but it will take a lot more time. I'll just stick with this for now.

Screen 5 is just a blank screen that I've used for a calendar widget at the moment. It's got a little more space, too, if there's something else I need to add.

Ok, so here's the tutorial I used. It was very helpful and detailed. The hardest part is creating the wallpaper and making sure things line up with where the transparent icons will be placed. But through some trial and error, I ended up with some unique screens!