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Mommy work.
Daddy work.
Ru work.

One of the most common refrains around here lately. That and

Mommy nap.
Daddy nap. 

Note, Ru doesn't nap.
Recent posts


Making sure baby gets some dinner.

Shock Everyone

My latest. Playing with steampunk.


Still having fun with my new doodling abilities. Made this for the boy. The edges got cut off slightly because the paper was bigger than 8.5 x 11, but most of it's there.

Organization area

I'm not entirely happy with it. I had to change some things from what I wanted due to some constraints (like stud placement), but overall I think it turned out OK. Now the boy should be happy there is a place for mail, at least.


Creating again

I forgot to take a picture of the painting I did for my in-laws for Christmas, or any of the jewelry I made for people, but I did make this this weekend. It feels good to create things again.