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In the "maybe we should keep track of this" category are the words my daughter now knows how to say. She can sign a few (milk, all done, more, and please), but her list of spoken words is growing fast. Her first word was "Hi." Now added to that list, in no particular order, are Daddy, kitty (occasionally), ball, bye bye, no, uh oh, and this weekend we added shoes.How did she get so big so fast?

First haircut

The little one got her first haircut on Saturday. Just the back to even it out with the sides and get rid of the baby mullet. She was very good.


Someone is having a grand old time chasing the kitty at the top of the stairs.

Cat on my shoulder

Android Home Screen Update

It's been a while since I updated my phone home screen and I was feeling the need for change. So after browsing for inspiration, this is what I came up with. I'm super happy with it!

Happy face

Tired baby had a rough morning at swim class, but you'd never know it now. A 3 hour nap will do that for you.

First Easter Egg Hunt

Who cares about eggs? This basket is awesome!

Uh oh

Someone figured out how to empty her toy bin...

Sweet Dreams

The Bug fell asleep at 5:30pm tonight; before dinner, before pjs, before books. So at 8 we decided we needed to wake her to give her some milk, get her in a sleep diaper and some pjs, and give her her antibiotics (ear infection). But I couldn't resist taking a couple pictures first. Babies have the cutest sleeping positions!

Love her little bum in jeans. And look at those cute little feet!

So Big!

Goodness, she's getting so big!

Just need the right motivation

Look who pulled herself up to standing today! Previously she's just gone to knees. Guess she just needed the right motivation!

The cuteness

Ok, I might be biased, but the cuteness!


Ohmygoodness. As soon as her hair gets a little longer all over, I'm going to die from the cuteness!

Steamed veggies

We're all about the broccoli. The carrots are just ok.

Cookie thief

The Bug became a thief this morning. She stole a boy's cookie in Sunday School.

Blurry smile

Gah! Upset this is blurry. I caught such a great smile!

Sunday school

Getting in some learning in Sunday school.