Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Other STD options

I love that people shorten "Save The Date" to STD. It makes me laugh.

In case you're curious, we had a few other options for our STDs.

The least liked option was this one:

The biggest thing that wasn't liked about this one was the lack of a picture of the two of us. Other than that, I thought it was cute and clever.

Next option:
This was actually the first one that I created, this game being the first that came to mind. But it just didn't have anything special about it and seemed a little boring in the end. Also, rolling the dice has nothing to do with the game, so it bugged me a bit. I just couldn't come up with anything better.

This one was the number 2 choice:
This one was actually the first choice for a couple people, but not mine. It had the biggest picture and people liked the idea of finding the missing pieces.

Which one do you like best? Would you have made the same choice?