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The invitations

Now that the wedding is over and I don't need to worry about any unexpected guests showing up, I can share the invitations I designed. I was really happy with how they turned out and got a lot of great feedback.

You might remember from our Save the Date cards that our reception was a game theme. So I designed the invitations to look like playing cards.

The main part of the invitation features the King and Queen of hearts. I found some text online that I liked and edited it a bit to fit our event. Here's what the main invitation final product looked like:

Since we also needed to include the addresses for the church, reception, and hotel, I made an Ace of hearts card, too. (Get it? 'A' for address?)

I also wanted to include a map since we'd have a lot of out of town guests. I know most people have a GPS these days, but it just seemed like a good idea. For the map, I saved a screenshot of the area in Google Maps, then traced over the lines I wanted in Photoshop Elements. I only had one face card left, so I put the map on the Jack of hearts.

The last piece of the invitation was the RSVP. Again, I found some 'text' I liked online that I liked. I designed the card to fit with the theme, though it wasn't a playing card itself. It was slightly smaller than the other cards to fit within the guidelines for the US Postal Service. I didn't want to spend extra money on more envelopes, so they needed to be able to be mailed as post cards. After testing one (we RSVPed to our own wedding), I knew we were good to go. Here's what they looked like.

Many of our guests had fun with the Mad Lib and we had a laugh reading all the responses.

Some of them were so good, we just had to share. So I put together a poster board of some of our favorites to display on the escort card table at the reception.

What do you think of the invitations and the RSVP cards?

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