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1st Day of Christmas

Two years ago, I did an entire year of taking a picture every single day (what is often referred to as a Photo 365 project). It's  incredibly difficult to find a photo subject every day when real life has so many distractions, but I succeeded. This past summer I attempted a shorter version, 99 Days of Summer. I missed one or two days on that one. Not on purpose, just because I forgot to take a picture. I didn't have a good support system to remind me and I was traveling a lot for work. The support system, I've discovered, is crucial for this type of project.

Well, the boy has promised to help remind me to take my picture of the day for my new project: 25 Days of Christmas. We'll see how well he remembers. I can say, though, that the more comments and encouragement I get on my pictures, the more likely I am to remember to keep taking and posting new ones. So if you want to see more pictures, let me know what you think of this one.

I just got back from a business trip yesterday and the boy bought me an ornament while I was gone. What should I name him?

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