Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Warm Winter Hat

Last year I made myself and the boy warm winter hats. This year, I decided to make one for my dad, too. 

We all LOVE how warm these are. Great for Minnesota and Wisconsin winters!

I used this tutorial, though I had to edit it as I went along. I used a heavier yarn (5oz and 6oz) to make them warmer, but that made the stitches bigger, too, of course. I just tried it on as I went to make sure it wasn't getting too big and only had to back up once or twice. It was totally worth it, though! (On mine and my husband's, we have the braids hanging from the ear flaps. I opted not to add those to my dad's.) Unfortunately, I didn't write my changes down, but it's not to hard to adjust as you go along.

Here's a picture of the boy's hat (made last winter). Coming up soon, I'll post a picture of his awesome mittens that I made this Christmas to match the hat!