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Picture Puzzles

I love doing a personalized project for my friends' kids. This year I made puzzles using blocks. Each kid got a puzzle of a picture of themselves. They were a little difficult for how young they are, but I think they still enjoyed them. 

They were pretty easy to make, but I threw a few photos together for you anyway. 

First thing you need to do is cut up the pictures. I used this scrapbooking cutter because it has a ruler right on it and cuts better straight lines than I do with a scissors. I tried a few different ways of doing this. I don't recommend trying to glue the picture to the blocks without cutting it down at least a little first.

I made the pictures 3 x 5, so first I tried cutting them into 3 x 1 strips. This worked okay, but wasn't great.

As annoying as it might be to do this with a lot of pictures (I made a total of 10 of these puzzles), it worked better to just cut all the pictures down to 1 x 1 size (the size of 1 block).

Then I used Mod Podge to glue the pictures to the blocks. For the 1 x 3 size, I glued them right to 3 blocks together.

After they dried, I needed to cut apart the 1 x 3 blocks. This was a little tricky, especially if I wasn't patient enough and they weren't completely dry. The pictures had a tendency to slide around a bit.

After cutting (and correcting all the ones that slid around and waiting for them to properly dry). I put another coat of Mod Podge over the top.

And that's it! Now assemble your puzzle!

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